Charlotte White is not big on self-promotion, preferring instead to let her work speak for her. But beyond her beautiful design concepts lies the brain of a seasoned marketer. Yes, she can multi-task. Yes, she can work with your in-house creative team. Yes, she can design a beautiful website, turn it into a brochure and manage the print production process. But she’ll wow you with her strategic thinking.

Years of experience working both within the confines of an ad agency and on her own as a freelancer, Charlotte has impressed clients with her knack for quickly seeing the big picture. She knows from experience: award-winning design begins with a partnership. Learn the clients’ goals, see their vision for the future – then uncover the truth that makes each one unique.


Sam Sharp has been preparing for a career in event management her whole life. Throwing the perfect party – whether it’s a fundraiser for a favorite charity or a private event designed to achieve understated goals – has been in her wheelhouse, making her the “go-to” girl in every organization that’s had the benefit of knowing her.

But it’s her people skills that underscore her success – knowing how to uncover her client’s true desires and intentions, managing expectations across personality-driven divides, and handling difficult vendors to achieve beautiful results. Sam Sharp brings together immaculate people skills with a sophisticated flair for image management.