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Beau Catering

Full-service wedding and event caterer

Goal: Create a cohesive identity for an existing full-service caterer. Incorporate newly launched Marketplace.

• Client wanted to utilize original elements if possible including leaf motif and blue/green color palette. In keeping with the wedding-focused business model, an icon was created, reminiscent of a wedding
monogram. A monogram naturally lends itself to a more formal, elegant occasion. The leaf motif was redrawn and incorporated into the monogram.
• Tagline incorporated what Beau Catering is known for: amazing food and outstanding service while also giving a nod to the process of pairing food dishes with wine to enhance the dining experience.

Beau Catering Marketplace
• More casual and not wedding focused so it needed its own logo. The Marketplace falls under the Beau Catering family so the icon and fonts are utilized in a different format.
• Designed/built full e-commerce website and responsible for weekly updates and email marketing.
• Connected website to Facebook to market and sell via Facebook and Instagram.
• Responsible for ongoing day-to-day marketing plan and execution including print and digital collateral, email marketing, and weekly website updates.
• Work closely with social media partner on digital presence.

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