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cohesive branding

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“It's always best to start at the beginning,” said Glinda the Good Witch. Whether you're just starting out or you've been around for a while – focusing on your brand and message is usually the best place to start. Branding is more than just your name, logo, and mission statement. Creating a unified brand is important because it builds trust and shows your company is reputable and legitimate. Focused, smart branding also streamlines your marketing and advertising efforts and can not only generate new customers – but inspires employee pride and a sense of belonging. We all want to believe we're doing good, and a strong brand message can help secure your place in the community.

You‘re great at what you do, and a comprehensive branding campaign – whether for your business, nonprofit organization, or annual event – illustrates how valuable you are to the community. White Space Creative would love to help you tell your story through words and visuals.



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As an extension of your in-house marketing team, we can help manage your day-to-day marketing efforts. Face it, you know your business needs consistent, smart marketing, but it doesn‘t always make your weekly task list – you have other priorities. We can take many of these tasks off your plate – freeing you up to concentrate on what brings you joy and help your business become more profitable. We think marketing and branding are fun – so it’s a win-win.

What are day-to-day marketing efforts?

It depends on your needs and capabilities. Many companies don't need full-time salaried employees to manage their brand and marketing, and we can provide decades of experience without the monetary commitment of a full-time employee – another win-win. We ask a lot of questions, learn about your goals, and assess what you‘re currently doing and what‘s falling through the cracks. An outside perspective often uncovers tasks that can be streamlined or even ways to help save you money. Together we develop a plan that will work for you and your budget, which could include creating and managing your print, digital, and outreach programs. All this while maintaining your consistent brand and message. Let's talk and see how White Space can help grow your business.

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